Moderate Republican, Decoded

Moderate Republican, Decoded

There is no such thing as a “Moderate Republican”. At best, they are doveish fascists. This is not just extreme language, it’s accurate. Antifa, which means Anti-Fascist, exists not because of Trump, but because of “Moderate Republicans”.

Allow me to explain. Moderates are fighting Biden’s stimulus, even though they are in deep shit with the general public over Trump and the insurrection. It’s important to understand the reason they are doing this is to protect Regan’s legacy, Trickle-Down Economics.

Trickle-Down Economics is the American version of Fascism. Trickle-Down means that the government policy on economics is to get government out of the way of rich people as much as possible and that this favoring of rich people would allow those who are able to create prosperity to do so, and we would all be rewarded for getting out of their way and letting them run the country how they want.

They do run the country, make no mistake. We don’t wake up every morning and report to our government, we don’t have to. We report to the employer, who reports to the government, and this is how we structure our society. The definition of that is fascism. Only where economic policy places the consumer, which is also the worker, at the core of economic policy do you have a truly free market, rather than force-fed, excuse me, “supply-side” economics.

Moderate Republicans do not believe in free markets or patriotism. They believe in a passive-aggressive version of authoritarianism that is cannibalizing our society and economy.

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