Let’s Demand Free Money Now!

I have spent my entire working career hearing people spout complete crap when it comes to rationalizing why we shouldn’t raise the minimum wage. I have heard people that work their fingers to the bone talk themselves into believing they are better off being paid crap, usually because they are reiterating something some rich guy on TV said. Who, by the way, will not experience the least discomfort doing his job, let alone for 10-12 hours straight.

The Truth About Inflation

My all-time favorite line is that raising wages causes inflation, when in fact it is inflation that causes a need to raise the minimum wage. The priests of trickle-down economics have done a fabulous job of convincing everyone that reality is the opposite of what it really is, like working for the government but telling you not to trust it (Hmmm🤔?).

Inflation is going to happen because the Federal Reserve says so, and because of other factors like depleting finite resources such as fossil fuels, but that’s for another blog post. Wages have jack to do with inflation because higher wages mean growth which is an inflation mitigator. So now that we have dispensed with that crap, why does inflation require us to raise the minimum wage? Let’s have a look.

Universal Income

Let’s cover another angle. To avoid a Fench style revolution, we should consider it a bad policy to leave millions in the street cold and hungry. Now, in our current predicament, we can choose to force companies to pay their full-time hard-working employees a living wage, or we the taxpayers can pay those businesses’ cost of doing business so America doesn’t have rioting in the streets, to be blunt.

Our progressive friends believe that we need to pay every citizen a guaranteed monthly income. I can’t help but think that capitalism must be failing for someone to get elected to an office that wants to move to a more socialized economy. I mean, people voted for her, and all true patriots defend our representative government, right? So we can’t ignore what those people were saying with their vote. What is capitalism if it leaves your children cold and hungry?

The Big Decision

What say you, comrades? Who will pay the workers, the businesses that hired them, or us, the taxpayers? Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them who will pay for the workers, you, or the businesses that hired them!


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