You're A Socialist, Dumb Ass

You’re A Socialist, Dumb Ass

I just can’t stand another dumb ass comment about socialism. Every single one of you that have used that word as an insult or something one should be ashamed of, you look like a fucking idiot to anyone with an education. And those with an education that don’t call bullshit when you hear it, you’re just lapdogs, plain and simple.

Please, Tell Me About Communism, Again…

Socialism and Capitalism are economic constructs where Communism, Fascism, Democracy, and a Republic are political constructs. If you couldn’t articulate that yourself, you shouldn’t even let the word socialism fall from your lips. Paying taxes is socialism and supporting your police departments, schools and the elderly does not mean the US will be a dictatorship. Don’t they teach this in Highschool? As bad as it is to hear people repeating the socialist digs, it’s almost worse to be the one pretending to not know better.

Socialism Makes Shit Happen

Our taxes paid for the expansion of public broadcasting until capitalism could bring you Cable TV and Dish Network. DARPA, which is part of the Department of Defense, brought you the internet. Every time you pull out of your driveway, tax dollars made that possible. Do you like funding the police? How about the military, you support that, right? Your house wouldn’t even have a block to be on without socialism, dumb ass. Every single tax dollar collected and spent is socialism, in the flesh.

The interstate system was paid for by a great big socialist program called the New Deal, which put America to work and facilitated the greatest capitalist markets in the world, and built the American middle-class. America has an entire culture that makes truckloads of cash every day just based on our love affair with our road system. Road Trips are a huge part of American culture. So you’re going to tell me that you would do away with that because it’s socialism?

Integrity Matters

Republicans can keep vomiting up disinformation for the intentionally unintelligent people they’ve rounded up for their base since Reagan, but how long will that go on before we get the opportunity to label the Republican party itself a domestic terrorist organization.

To get started with really understanding politics, use this link to the MIT open courseware for political science, then for economics, and brush up on your world history. You can’t sniff out a bullshitter if you are uninformed.

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