Tea Party tax day protest 2010 by Fibonacci Blue

Pavlov’s Pack

Before I get into this article you should understand a few things first. If you aren’t familiar with Reaganomics or Trickle-Down Economics, Soft Power, the fall of the Soviet Union, Putin’s history with the KGB, Culture Jamming, and Pavlov’s Dog, please take the time to educate yourself before trying to wrap your head around what I’m about to write. Also, having an appreciation for Chess wouldn’t hurt.

Trickle-Down Economics & Soft Power

Tickle-Down Economics was sold as something that would supercharge our economy while doing so based on our Capitalist ideals. This serves two purposes as Trickle-Down begins to take it’s highly unsustainable shape in the early 1980s, fantastic propaganda for capitalism in the war over the hearts and minds of the world, and a very rapidly bloating of the personal and corporate wealth that could then be used as a weapon.

Before unleashing Trickle-Down Economics on the world, Reagan signed executive order 12333 in 1981 which brought our economy under National Security. This answers your question as to why nobody went to prison for the collapse of the global economy. But it also gives national security the final voice on international transactions of any kind, including interference from the national security apparatus. This is used to weaponize economics which we now see in play around the world in the form of sanctions and forced sales of international companies like TikTok.

This is pretty genius, right? Reshaping the world with starvation and medical neglect instead of bombs and bullets. Oh, wait, we’re still using those too. Nevermind about the genius part. Anyway, it was powerful enough to bring down the Soviet Union in 1991, or at least that is how Putin lives it and our history books tell it. Personally, I think the Soviet Union died from within because they tried to combine egalitarianism and militancy in the same breath, kind of like we’re doing now.

Putin’s Grudge

Putin loved his country and believed in the Soviet Union, and I believe he thinks their way of life was sabotaged by Reagan and Republican Hawks. Putin served in the KGB and really wanted to take on the West, and after the USSR fell, he would have his opportunity when he took power in 1999, just before the 9/11 attack. Putin started by feeding us a lot of rope. Spending and maneuvering to get us into wars that drain our economy (our ammunition for soft power), while simultaneously helping us to look foolish on the world stage.

If we believe our own intelligence services and FBI in a world full of misinformation, we can think of Trump as simply a proxy (useful Idiot), and we can imagine Putin in the Oval Office. Even without proof of a connection, there are striking similarities between Trump’s decisions and Putin’s interests. This explains the complete disloyalty to American institutions and POWs. Also, if listening to Trump makes you feel like you’re in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock, this is why.

The Republican base is being Culture-Jammed from the inside out. Trump has upended every foundational corner of Republican thought, from hammering criticisms of the military, the spreading of Anti-Antifa talking points that result in Republican voters defending and even supporting Fascism, turning the party of Commie Scare to the pro-Putin party it is today, and so much more. The entire foundation of Reagan’s base, including international alliances, is disintegrating, and the only connecting thread remaining is the obedience and loyalty to the dog-whistles. Guess who controls the dog-whistles?

Is Russia the Key to White survival?

Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia.

“Tea Party tax day protest 2010” by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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