1,200 Dead

1,200 People Dead

…and you didn’t even notice.

How faux our outrage over 9/11 must have been. We have destabilized an entire region of the world after losing less than 4,000 souls. We have lost more than that in the last 4 days. We are experiencing a 9/11 every three days.


So why is the country reacting so differently? If Trump really thought China was to blame we would have been at war because that’s what we do. But Trump has no idea where this came from and he doesn’t care. This is just what he does, confuse, and distract. China is just something else to distract.

Even our doves are hawks in this country and we have just sat on our hands. I have to ask you, at what point do you ask yourself what the malfunction is? In the military, they have a term for this kind of problem. They call it an “ID 10 T” error.

See Something Say Something

They bailed out WallSt in 2008, it’s time to take care of Mainstreet now. Get off your hands and call your representatives and senators and tell them to do their job or you’ll vote for someone that will.

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