Why Is My Country Trying To Kill Me

Why Is My Country Trying To Kill Me?

I’m not being hyperbolic either. I wake up in the morning and see politicians asking Republicans if they are ready to die for Trump’s second term. Just typing that makes my blood run cold. I’m a Liberal, and when right-wing politicians start talking about shooting, Liberals start dying.

It might be a little easier to shrug off this threat if it weren’t for the calls for secession from the US government by political figures in a state right next to the one asking people to die for Trump, who clearly thinks he should remain president.

Then there is Covid-19. Trump has led almost all other Republicans to discredit our own government health officials and influenced their base to intentionally spread a deadly pandemic as if willingly subjecting yourself to the risk of death just so you can pass that same sickness on to someone else you might hate is proper political discourse. Wear a mask and you’re a never-Trumper.

It gets even better. Tallahassee has decided that we would have rules in place to protect an individual’s right to infect their neighbors with Covid-19, and Mitch McConnell wants to make sure that you can’t sue the people that have a right to intentionally infect you. We are protecting the spread of Covid-19. How is this not eugenics with PR cover?

So either by forced infection because I have to go chase my paper among people that think an orgy of death is a fucking hoax, or because some fucking lunatic with a Trump flag on his Truck mows me down on the side of the road with their Truck or a gun, there is a real fucking fear of the so-called “Patriots” in this country working to kill me and anyone else who dared to participate in American Democracy.

This is a fucking nightmare.

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