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Hello World

Welcome to our little bit of fun. We are launching this website to help people lighten up a little, and maybe slow down and think just a little bit harder and longer about what they really want out of our government.

The not so family-friendly bumper stickers, the hate-filled memes, the insults, telling people they aren’t American because they’re a Democrat or Republican. Is anyone really trying to fix anything like that? Telling me I don’t have a voice, telling others they have no voice. Is it patriotic to disregard or even interfere with someone’s right to representation?

I’m a Democrat. If you believe in Democratic principles or if you’re looking for the voice of an average everyday liberal outside mainstream media, you found it. This site is to dispel myth and conspiracy about the “liberal conspiracy” with links to official liberal and progressive organizations and information that is fact-based.

Furthermore, we have provided links in the footer of this website to fact-checking and transparency organizations so you can do your own research, and decide for yourself. While we want this website to be lighthearted and punny, we are also serious about helping you navigate through the noise whenever we can so let us know if there are resources you would like to see posted on this website by joining and posting on our Facebook group page.

Thanks for checking out our website and I hope we could provide you at least a smile or chuckle 🙂  

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