Filtering Facebook

Filtering Facebook

I am reaching out to all of my fellow Americans in this blog post. I’m writing to you today about something that we should all be concerned about, and that is foreign interference in our entire country. Specifically, I would like to address what each of us can do, starting today.

Neighborhood Watch Goes Online

It may seem pointless to you to report people, posts, pages, or groups on social networks. I promise you, it is not pointless. It takes time to filter through what does get reported, but there is a strategy you can use to help the social networks and even page and group owners to filter out the noise and hate.

Report To Facebook Groups

I want to mention this first because this should be the fastest way to resolve bad posts or users. Report directly to the group moderators first. Allow them time to filter out reported posts. Especially if they are active, they will have a lot to filter through.

Report To Facebook

Groups have an internal score, which can be downgraded. This is why you don’t want to arbitrarily report posts on your favorite group without giving the group admin and moderators a chance to resolve it first. Also, by reporting to the group when it is a user in a group posting nonsense, you save Facebook from being swamped with reports, allowing them to better do their job.


We can all play an active role and by using the tools at hand we can make sure American interests are served this November.


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