Blue Wave

Voter Intimidation

Donald Trump and the Republican party have been engaging in not only Voter Suppression, but also Voter Intimidation, and they’ve been doing it for years. It is only the desperation of the withering Republican party that is making it so incredibly evident today. However, I wouldn’t underestimate the risk of speaking your mind in public if you are a Democrat. The evidence is proudly being displayed on right-wing media as I write this blog post.

Voter Disenfranchisement

Republican politicians have gone so far as to shut down our government, use hostile practices to cram the courts in their favor, and have generally stretched the rule of law as far as it will go in order to enforce Republican policies. The consequences have been infinite wars with no end in sight. We have also been left with a population so thoroughly defunded that within one month of a national crisis we have to implement a national moratorium on evictions in the wealthiest nation in the world.

The president uses the threat of defunding and a range of other pseudo-legal methods against states and cities to intimidate democratically elected Democratic politicians, which undermines the Democrats that voted them into office. Trump has repeatedly used the ongoing protests as an excuse to publicly scorn all Democrats, time, and time again.

Don’t get me wrong, other Republican presidents have said things from the office about Democrats, but they were generally addressing their peers in the capital over policy differences. Trump is going after the average voting Democrat as no other politician has ever done because it’s illegal. He even announced his acknowledgment and jubilation at the idea that his appointee to the USPS made decisions that may result in lower votes this election because that would result in fewer votes for Democrats.

Democratic voters have been unwelcomed in our own country by the president of The United States.

Playing On The Divide

Trump is playing on the political divisions in this country to further his intimidation against American citizens. This is the really scary part here. This is where things get deadly, and it’s already happening. People are dying as a result of Donal Trump using a campaign of intimidation to win an election.

Using Covid-19 To Suppress Voters

Trump supporters are sure to crowd the voting polls with restrictions being lifted around the country and guidelines being flouted. People here in Northwest Florida are going about life like nothing is happening. We opened the schools around the nation and Trump is having packed rallies, all of which accelerate the infection rates.

We also know that those who don’t support Trump take Covid-19 seriously and that we’ll have to contend with either voting by mail and hoping it makes it through in time or showing up to vote among thick crowds of people not wearing masks or distancing. This is the fear being generated around Covid-19 and voting.

Inciting Political Violence

Trump has said time and again that white supremacists are good people, sided with, or made excuses for right-wing violence. By doing this he is making sure that Democrats know that there is no place for us in our own country and that he has the power to pardon anyone that wants to murder me or you if it is done in support of the Republican party and Republican policies.

He is making a spectacle of our entire society by intentionally stoking protests and strife in urban centers, creating a media buffet for his supporters to gorge themselves on. Trump’s words have the effect of normalizing political violence in our everyday lives, making it easier for someone who is a little loose with reality to go out and do something violent. The promise of fame as Trump says their name on live TV is all the more reason to take such violent actions.

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

You have to. You cannot sit on the sidelines. You cannot be afraid. Not this election.

Our country got this way because so many people could not see how everyday boring politics could affect their lives. There is now no mistaking the very real impact politics has. Ralph Nader once said, “If you’re not turned onto Politics, Politics will turn on you“. This has never been as evident in my life as it is now, and it must be as evident to you as well.

Call your local supervisor of elections, use government websites, do whatever you have to do to make sure you vote and you vote in time to be counted. Our country has been thrown into chaos in under four years. We can’t afford to allow Trump to remain in office and we must prove to him and his supporters that America is still brave and that we will confront this with the power of Democratic principals.


The featured image for this blog post is by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

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