When The Election Results Come In Do Not Hit The Streets

When The Election Results Come In, Do Not Hit The Streets

There are a lot of posts on Facebook right now telling you to get ready to organize if Trump pulls some stunt. I’m telling you that you are being set up! Don’t do it. You are being baited into a conflict with right-wing counter-protesters, so instead of 100,000 bigots going to prison right along with Trump, they’ll be able to blame both sides, the country falls into chaos, and Putin wins even if Trump loses.

What You Can Do

The best thing you can do to help if Trump pulls something and you want to help, you can watch and report. Let law enforcement do their job. The fewer people out on the streets, the fewer innocent people will be hurt and the more bigots can be rounded up and hauled off to prison.

Watch and report on social media, watch and report on people with guns in areas that don’t allow open carry. Report on vehicles parked in suspicious places or in a suspicious way. If you see someone commit a violent act, document, and contact law enforcement.

Have Faith In The Process

Trump wants to take the government by way of creating mass-confusion and creating doubt in the results. Have faith in our system to do the right thing and don’t let Trump fool you into thinking he has as much control as he puts on, he doesn’t. The more faith you place in the process, the weaker he is, and the stronger you are.

Stand by and let the system work for you this time.

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