The American Obstructionists

The American Obstructionists

What if you could go into work tomorrow and convince your boss that your job was to ensure your friends had the right to defecate in your boss’s front yard and to ensure that the boss’s company functioned as poorly as possible, and further, get your boss to believe it is best for the company.

Welcome to the Republican platform. See, the voter is the boss. You and I. Republicans think it’s their job to prevent the government from functioning as the government is their sworn enemy, says Reagan and the entire current Republican party. Some of you have actually bought this bullshit for the last 40 years.

From stifling wages, removing legal protections for individuals and the poor, while removing regulation and restriction for the wealthy and the corporate. In fact, stopping any legislation that would benefit the actual individuals in the country is their job. They show their fascist fangs each time they cozy up to corporations at the expense of the US workers and voters. Remember, we are the boss, and these fucks are giving our power to demi-governments, corporations if you like.

This is the Republican platform, in short. Abdicate government responsibilities and shift the power in this country to rich white people who are not accountable to a government that is of, by, and for the people. The Republican party could give two shits about families or values of any kind. The more you suffer, the harder you work. The angrier you get, the more motivated you are. Stupid, hungry, desperate, and blaming your neighbor is what they want for you and me.

Like 300 million stirred up ants on a hill while they empty your back pocket and rob you of the democracy your ancestors fought to build. These are the so-called patriots. A fringe group of low-IQ opportunists who would agree more with Hitler than you or I.

Do you think my writing or judgment is too harsh? Then where is the effort Republicans are making to better the lives of its people? Can’t claim pro-worker (Obstructing Minimum Wage Increase), can’t claim pro-life (Too quick to support war, combined with violent bumper stickers), can’t claim patriotic (Says US government is the problem), can’t claim controlling government spending (Spends 2/3rds of our tax revenue of making more war), can’t claim to be pro-liberty (Removes or denies protections for vulnerable citizens), etc. There is not one single Republican position that is backed up with action, except the promises to treat the US government, loved by real patriots, as the enemy. They have done that, and they have done it well.

So go ahead, Mitch the Bitch, don’t pass another bill. Do what you do, because this time, your actions are naked. Thank your boy Trump for that. Trump has Republican voters taking another look at their political alliances. All you can do now is to help them see what they really signed up for, anti-American opportunists.


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