The Fight

The Fight

I bet you think the liberal conspiracy is to take over the country, and I could tell you that isn’t the case but you wouldn’t believe that. At least not until I tell you that the only fight Liberals have been fighting for a very long time is for a seat at the table within their own party.

The Divide

This week I was kicked out of three Facebook groups for nothing more than pointing out that there is infighting between moderates and liberals, and there has been filtering out of liberal causes in a lot of so-called Democratic FB groups. Even after Biden has taken on Liberal causes himself and welcomed the liberal and progressive wings of the party, moderate voters are not playing along.

This divide was really evident in 2016 but the problem has been with us for longer than that. The history lesson on liberalism is on you to learn. What is more important is why this divide exists, to begin with, and that it isn’t over policy.

Overthinking It

I am no fan of Bill Clinton. I don’t think he did anything in office but make a fashion statement for babyboomers, except for tank the economy with the repeal of Glass-Steagal. However, he was a pop-star in the Democratic party and the party heads took notes.

I voted for Obama the first time but after doing nothing about wages in his first term, I gave up on him. The thing that I didn’t understand about his inaction on wages was how central economics is to racial equality, according to MLK and most other experts. But Obama was another victory and again, the party took notes.

What did the notes say? The notes said that Clinton was a success because he was able to bring home swing voters and even some Republican votes. The notes also said that Obama owed his victory to a successful web presence. Don’t take my word for it, research news articles from those elections.

Electability, The New Base

The Democratic party has ascended to a higher plane of reality that only exists in Democratic campaign thinking or a good dose of LSD. In other words, they are definitely tripping.

Democrats have decided that their notes tell them that a Biden victory is a strong web presence that caters to Republicans. This is the end result of deciding our candidate and strategy based on Electability. It is evident by the very strong moderating of topics on the Biden FB groups, where you are regularly given generic excuses why your post was declined, only providing enough info to make apparent the heavy message control. The limited amount of time given to AOC recently was explained away very nicely, whatever.

This is also what we were told about Hillary. We had to endure her as our only hope because our party made the case incessantly that she was “Electable”. Liberal policy is not “Electable”. That’s what we keep hearing. That’s funny to me because I’m pretty sure Hillary pulled strings to suppress Bernie, and she lost. Here we are again with the Democratic party asking us liberals to step aside for the sake of “Electability”.

The Fight Aint Over

From what I can see, we are a long way from gaining any seat at the table. Unless Biden comes out and whips his base inline with his stated promises to the liberals and progressives, this fight is long from over.

I am going to continue to support Biden in faith that he will do as promised and give liberals and progressives our place in the Democratic party. I am also hopeful that the party heads get a better grip on reality, stop telling us who is electable and let us decide that for ourselves.


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