More Than Moderates

We Need More Than Moderates

This morning I watched a few minutes of Joe Scarborough going on as if everything is going back to normal, warning Democrats to remain moderate, completely missing the fact that there is no normal. Starting with Reagan and up to Trump, the country has been put through one shock-test after the other. Let’s walk through this together.

America Became Its Own Enemy

While we did see the end of the cold war era under Reagan and Bush, we watched both of these men and the entire Republican machine repeat over and over that the government is bad and cannot be trusted. Keep in mind; they were hired to make the government function.

We told America to hate an overweight black mother for driving a luxury car while on welfare; meanwhile, Tickle-Down economics was robbing the working-class and financially decimating the middle-class. This had the effect of declaring racial loyalties of the Republican party as it was parroted by Republican voters for decades. It even got a spin within my family’s political discussions when I was a young adult.

These days Republicans are up in arms about defunding the police. Still, they seem to be fine defunding everything else in their communities as they continue to support the preferred party for tax-dodgers. They are voting for politicians that will reduce spending in their communities to give tax breaks to rich folks. These same politicians smile at their constituents with full knowledge that inflation is eating away at their paychecks day by day, month by month, year by year, and they keep telling them that they must suffer everything being priced out of their reach further each day, or the inflation will become even worse. So stop asking for higher wages. That is fucked up.

As if bumper stickers telling me I’m a scumbag that should be imprisoned, shot, and deported for being a liberal isn’t bad enough, I turned on the news today to see Trump supporters trying to dictate the outcome of the election by force, completely throwing out democracy itself. The fact that these people call themselves patriots is laughable, but they really think they are because, according to Republicans, it’s patriotic to distrust the US government.

Unrestrained Mission Creep

We went from peacetime to war after 9/11, and it was understandable, at first. Then it was a stretch to hit Iraq as well. The confusion for us was the endless complaining about the national debt, yet we’re all watching million-dollar rockets exploding on TV and listening to the brass brag about billion-dollar stealth jets while politicians are picking a fight with food stamp recipients. Even if tribal Republicans were on board with the messaging, a lot of them are welfare recipients. I know a few, and it’s painful listening to them try to rationalize it.

Under Obama, we had Hillary gloating like a complete psychopath about Lybia and a foot in the door over in Syria. A lot of Republicans were watching their family, sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers going off to war or somewhere they couldn’t even disclose the location of. None of this has come to an end, and now on top of that, we have to grapple with the reality that the cold war is not over and that it now includes China.

Hate Builds A Web Presence

I could have titled this section about Obama, but what we watched and read around his election and still experience to this day had nothing to do with Obama. Obama being president did bring about a massive rift in our nation, but it was not of his doing; it was that hate learned how to build a web presence. It was also a reinforcement of the simple fact that you cannot legislate morality.

Alex Jones and then later Steve Bannon can only be given credit for generating a user stream, but I won’t give them the credit of moving anything. They did create a web presence that appealed to Republican voter personalities, which was pretty damn predatory on their part, I must say. They took full advantage of people that don’t quite have it all together or that may not learn at the same rate as the rest of us. As someone with the skillset to create an online presence, it’s pretty sickening to see people take advantage of those who are essentially mentally handicapped, even if high functioning. But these tools didn’t turn it into more than cementing racial divides that Putin would later exploit, advertisement and sponsor revenue, and a little drop-shipping bonus.

With Putin on board though, now we have propaganda that, well, I call the result of it being a person becoming “Activated.” People that buy into Russian propaganda are taking it to another level completely; they are “Activated.” I point you to Kyle Rittenhouse, who is a child and a victim of the adults in his life. With the public support of his actions and the fact that they let a 17-year-old child with illegal use of a firearm go to a racially charged protest, the parents “Activated” this poor kid. This is not the same as a random lunatic. They groomed this boy.

Disease & Economic Ruin

We don’t have to wait for it. I’m not making a prediction. This is the current state of America. Most of the country is worse off 40 years after Lee Atwater thought it would be an easy win for Reagan to target people he considered to be gullible and unintelligent. This is the Karmic end result. The Republicans have not maintained power by running honest races but by pandering to the lowest parts of people’s character, to the uninformed and the unintelligent, free from the scrutiny of an educated and informed voting base, and thanks to Fox News, free from media scrutiny. Is there any question about how our country got here? The absolute worst part is that moderate Democrats insisting the only way to win is to pander to these same people every fucking election while ignoring their own base.

Joe, you’re fucking wrong. The last thing the Democrats need to be is Moderate, capitulating, or pandering.



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